Blogspot SEO Guide using Google Webmasters tools

Hello! Today i will guide you how you use Google Webmasters tools for SEO purpose.Blogger is a free platform that way every one love it very much. By default, your blog will not be Search Engine friendly. So,i will provide some information on search engine optimize method using Google Webmasters Tool.


1. Go to Google Webmasters Tool
2. Click on Add a site and enter your URL

  • Get your Verification Meta tag. Copy it.

4) Go to your Blogger Dashboard –> Layout –> Edit HTML. Add your meta tag after <head>. If you get some errors add </meta> after this tag.

5) Go to Site Configurations –> Sitemaps

Add “feeds/posts/default”

If this doesn’t work, try “feeds/posts/default?redirect=false”

6) Now back to Google webmasters tool. Click on Site Configuration –> Crawler Access –> Remove URL tab.

You have remove all your archive pages to avoid duplicate content.

Click on “New removal Request” and then on “Individual URLs: web pages, images, or other files”

Your archive pages will be like these.

Add archive pages from all your blogging months.

7) Now, Goto Site Configuration –> Settings

Add “showComment” in the Parameter Box and select “Ignore”

This is remove Comment pages which avoid Duplicate pages.

Hope this article willbe helpful to you..

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